M16/AR15/M4 Modifications and Upgrades

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are only able to offer these services to Law Enforcement Departments and Government Agencies. Thank you for your understanding.

Whether you need to modify your gun to improve its handling, upgrade to better components, or just want to try out a new part, and don’t have the necessary know-how or tools, we can assist.

We can install your parts, whether it is a new barrel, or a replacement lower receiver extension. We will install it professionally, to the correct torque specs, and properly staked, as per the manufacturers specifications. As with our custom builds, if you wish to supply your own parts, the only stipulation is that we will not use parts that are inferior, illegal, or that fell off the back of a lorry.

We can also advise you on what parts to purchase if you are looking at making your gun run more reliably, or improve its handling. Just tell us what you want the gun to do, and we will offer you advice on what modifications or upgrades will work best for you.

Of course, we can also source and supply the parts for you, from a number of top quality manufacturers, such as Colt, LMT, Daniel Defense, Geissele, Battle Arms Development, Norgon, and others. Our industry contacts allow us access to parts and accessories that may not be readily available through the normal channels.

So, if you are just thinking about an upgrade, or you are sitting in front of a table full of parts; call us, email us, or message us through our website, and we can discuss your project. Remember,