CIMAP – Carbine Inspection and Maintenance Accountability Program

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are only able to offer these services to Law Enforcement Departments and Government Agencies. Thank you for your understanding.

You regularly service your patrol vehicles, so why not your patrol carbines?

Our Carbine Inspection and Maintenance Accountability Program, or CIMAP, is a documented M16/AR15/M4 Carbine Inspection and Maintenance Program performed by our Colt trained M16/AR15/M4/9mm SMG Carbine Armourers.

In short, we will come to your location, inspect your carbines to ensure that they meet the required specifications, replace worn or damaged parts, and keep a log of the work. We will carry out up to 63 separate checks on every carbine (depending on the configuration), including visually inspecting the bore at specific locations, such as the throat and gas port.

By coming to you, it allows your department to continue deploying your patrol carbines with very little interruption, as only one or two will be taken out of service at any time. It also does not require the carbine to be out of service for an extended period, or to be sent away, as each inspection should take no more than 30 minutes, and is done at your location.

Your departmental representative will be informed immediately if any carbine does not meet the required specifications, and the necessary remediation can usually be undertaken on site, as our armourers carry all of the tools and most of the parts needed to bring the carbine back up to standard. Only more extensive work, such as complete upper, or barrel replacement, will require the carbine to be taken out of service for an extended period.

The cost for CIMAP is $35 per carbine, plus travel (time and mileage) to your location for the inspection, with parts and labour for any required additional maintenance priced per carbine, and agreed in advance of the work being undertaken. This service can be performed on an annual, or semi annual basis; or more often, depending on departmental policy, carbine use and training cycles.

We will also be available to you, should a carbine be involved in a shooting incident, or accidental discharge, to inspect the carbine, and deliver a report concerning its current condition. At the same time, we can supply your department with a history of all the inspection and maintenance that specific carbine has undergone.

What does this mean for you? Your patrol carbines will work as required, when you need them to; and if the firearm is involved in a shooting, suffers a malfunction, or even a catastrophic failure, you will have a complete record regarding the condition of the firearm, and the maintenance it has undergone.

If you are interested in booking an inspection, or require additional information about this service, call us, email us, or message us through our website, and we can discuss your needs. Remember,