In addition to top quality products, we also offer a number of services that are not available from any other company in the Maritimes.

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are only able to offer some of these services to Law Enforcement Departments and Government Agencies. Thank you for your understanding.

We offer armourer services through our certified staff armourers. Details here: Armourer Services

We offer a Carbine Inspection and Maintenance Accountability Program. Details here: CIMAP

We provide a custom M16/M4/AR15 rifle and carbine building service. Details here: Custom Builds

Want to modify or upgrade your M16/M4/AR15 rifle or carbine? Details here: Mods and Upgrades

We can also assist with the selection and sourcing of both hard and soft body armour and helmets, in addition to mil-spec day, night and thermal imaging optics; top of the range clothing; first, second and third line gear; firearms, accessories and ammunition.


Please contact us if you have any questions about what we can do for you, or your organisation, as the above list of services is constantly expanding, as we grow our company, and add to our expertise.