M16/AR15/M4 Custom Builds

PLEASE NOTE: Currently, we are only able to offer these services to Law Enforcement Departments and Government Agencies. Thank you for your understanding.

Whether it’s for work, or just for the range, we can build you the perfect M16/AR15/M4 rifle or carbine.

We can source the parts for you, or you can supply your own.

If we source the parts, we will assemble a gun to your exact specifications using parts from Colt, LMT, Daniel Defense, Geissele, Battle Arms Development, Norgon, and other quality manufacturers.

If you wish to supply your own parts, the only stipulation is that we will not use parts that are inferior, illegal, or that fell off the back of a lorry.

The first stage of the build, or to be more precise, assembly, is to discuss your needs and your budget. We do this for a couple of reasons.

Sometimes, what you think you need, is different from what you really need. Yes, that carbine the Navy SEALs carry is sexy, but it may not be the right gun for your needs. Tell us what you want the gun to be able to do, and we will give you a number of options that will provide you with the solution. Of course, if you want us to build you a gun just like the Navy SEALs use, just because, then we can do that too.

Secondly, the costs can mount up quickly, so making a complete list of all the components at the start will ensure that the project stays within your budget. With decades of experience, and having put together more than a couple of guns, we know a thing or two about all the little parts you will need right from the beginning.

So, whether you are just thinking about a future project, or you need it yesterday; call us, email us, or message us through our website, and we can discuss your project. Remember,