ITW Nexus

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The GrimLoc is designed for use by operators in a tactical environment as a lightweight corrosion resistant replacement for heavy metal climbing carabineers. The high strength polymer structure easily supports weapon sling connection points to body armor, and features a break away design to eliminate snags. The GrimLoc is perfectly suited for connecting your tactical accessories that require quick and easy one-handed access.

Colors Available: Black, Tan 500, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green


Web Dominator

The Web Dominator is designed to assist operators in securing their loose nylon web straps, and to help tie down any items that you don’t want hanging loose off your kit.  The Web Dominator is the perfect solution to secure your hydration tube or comms gear in a custom position to suit your own personal set up.  The field replaceable design allows you to install and remove without cutting or sewing.  The elastic cord knot can be modified for securing large or small items or bundles of webbing.  Eliminate those nasty hanging web straps that present potential trip and snagging hazards by installing the Web Dominator on your gear.

Colors Available: Black, Tan 500, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green


Tac Link

The Tac Link is a high strength polymer attachment device with GhillieTEX IR signature reduction technology (Tan & FG only). This product has considerable weight and cost savings over metal climbing carabineers. All of the external components are high strength molded polymer, which eliminates metal noise and paint scratches.

– GhillieTEXTM IR signature reduction technology
– Corrosion resistant stainless steel spring
– High strength polymer design
– Weight savings compared to metal carabiner
– Resistance to solar heating
– Textured grip for use with wet/gloved hands
– Large latch opening eliminates snags
– Eliminates metal-on-metal noise and paint scratches
– Use for securing tactical accessories

Colors Available: Black, Tan 500, Coyote Brown, Foliage Green, Canadian Average Green, Emergency Red, Construction Orange, Pink


QASM Picatinny RAMP

The Picatinny QASM-RAMP is designed to mount, hold and/or organize any/all of your M1913 Picatinny mountable accessories. Introduce this ultra-modular capability to your kit for unlimited mounting options in any location containing 1” sewn webbing. The new Picatinny QASM-RAMP can be used in numerous scenarios, whether it is mounting your incident camera, flashlight, organizing your range bag, or storing your optics and other accessories. The Picatinny QASM-RAMP features a large base surface area for supporting heavy accessories and is designed to expand your mounting options beyond your weapons and helmet rails.  Your sidearm rail-mounted flashlight can now be used anywhere. Convert your systems using the Picatinny QASM-RAMP and your options and modularity are endless.

Colors Available: Black, Coyote Brown